Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Slice of Godhood

Tiando's efforts to uplift the auboriginals landed her a rare audience with a Nephalim!
Chandell's face showed the strain of recalling the specifics of her time as the fabled medicine-woman Tiando of the Bright-Moon. She managed to make it look very convincing though Iofe didn't buy it for a second. Already her early draft of the true history of Sim-Earth and the confirmation that the auboriginals were truly the very first civilization instead of the scientific consensus that the honor lies with the people that now make out China read like a novel for young-adults. To break Chandell's act, Iofe said sighingly; 'Do you people have any idea how outlandish all of this is? The only way I can possibly make this stick in the academic society is if I can actually present a live vunecan who's on top of that willing to have it medically proven of the fact.'
Xoxxor let go of a dismissive grunt and remarked; 'All the proof that you need is that you exist. Without us meddling in Nephalim Luna's garden like we did, the three of us would now be talking to a velociraptor. Yet, there's ample proof of us existing and being the real deal because we're not exactly coy when we go on abduction drives to procreate.' Iofe leaned to her right to see past her computerscreen so that she could look at Xoxxor; 'I always wondered why the vunecans do that. Is it some sort of weird research or something?' Chandell chuckled; 'Or something, kid. Nephalim Vuneca needed one hundred servants, not a people with hopes and dreams. You remember that I told earlier about those of disillusioned leaving Vuneca-Plane and not many coming back? We want to be a people, but we lack the tools to be such. Vunecans can't conceive, but by some weird design we can impregnate. Amongst ourselves though, woohoo is merely of value as a means of seeking pleasure. We speak of the Original One Hundred, but of those merely a handful remain on Vuneca-Plane. By pollinating Sims, we add to our number. We of the Original One Hundred form the government of Vuneca-Plane and the pollinated are our workforce.'
Iofe started to ask another question, but Thanatha raised a hand; 'Let's return to the telling of the true history, people. Especially you, Chandell. You're aware that Chronox isn't here, so time flows normally. I grow weary of having to remind you that Xoxxor and I have an agenda of our own to observe.' Chandell shrugged as her face became snarkily lopsided; 'An agenda that you carry out on my furniture, I might note.' Chandell's snark uncharacteristically brought a smile on Xoxxor's face which he quickly hid from Thanatha by adding; 'Nevertheless. This is about the history of the auboriginal people of Isla Paradiso, not about the anthropology of the vunecan people. We should stay on topic a bit more strict so as to expedite matters more efficiently.'

Thinking that Tiando is an exceptional specimen of her own creating, Nephalim Luna changed the world for the worse!
'Point taken.', Iofe sussed and turning to Chandell she asked, 'So, you usurped the tribal girl's body and mind and assumed her life.., how in Peter's name did you proceed? Am I right to assume that you were no longer immortal?' Chandell nodded, 'I became Tiando and as you already figured out, a mortal. But I mentioned earlier that I, during my exploring of the islands, had studied the flora and had learned their different properties. Staying alive and more importantly, young and able-bodied, wasn't that much of a tall order. Add to that the fact that I still retained command of my vunecan abilities and you'll understand that other than realising my dream of becoming a real girl, nothing much changed.
'The decades following I filled with uplifting the auboriginals. I start with giving them language by replacing grunts with words. I thought them nephalimic of course, but Luna's creations were smarter than I gave them credit for. As I taught them nephalimic, they took the language and made it their own. They molded it into what's known today as paradiso-jo, the only language in the world that can't be taught. If you're not a native paradisoan, you can safely forget about ever learning to speak paradiso-jo. Maybe you'll learn a word or two, but then your pronunciation will merely offend the listener. The only non-native people that can use paradiso-jo are the nephalim, but they are the nephalim. There's nothing alien to them.
'As I moved between the tribes, I introduced mathematics, currency and economics, clothes, fabrication, architecture, infra-structure. All in rudimentary concepts of course, but again the auboriginals took to it like fish in water. A few hundred years later the auboriginals had fostered a culture based on what I've taught them while never losing themselves as a people.
'All the while I took on apprentices to teach them the medicine-craft I had developed from the flora and fauna of the islands. I selected them on talent and aptitude at the start, but as I came to understand myself as a girl and discovered that men didn't interest me as much as the girl who's body and mind I had takenhad done, I also invited girls I was attracted to. Those girls became more than just apprentices, you understand.' Iofe smirked, 'Oh, I understand alright. Leggings are a no-no when you're around.'
'Right, moving on.', Chandell reacted as Thanatha casted his eyes towards the ceiling and Xoxxor facepalmed, 'It caused a shift in how the auboriginals did things. The medicine-women became the policy-makers and that led to it that the tribes no longer used women as a commodity. But in order to maintain genetic diversity in the tribes, the tradition of the seasonal festivals came to be to allow girls to find partners without either of the two being thrown up for grabs. The tradition spread allover the world eventually and today the festivals are still being held, though in Simnation, the original intent has been lost.
'It's an understanding on the islands that nothing happens without a medicine-women approving it first, even if the men make out the Tribal Council. It's no secret that the medicine-women to this day are the shadow-government of Isla Paradiso.'
'Do they still answer to you, or see you as their chief?', wanted Iofe to know. Chandell nodded; 'They never did. They saw me as their teacher, not as their leader. It's purely to themselves that they lay the groundwork for the later social ladder as we know it today. I only became a revered figure in the history when Nephalim Luna, whom the auboriginals instinctively feel compelled to worship, descended from the moon and blessed me with a special visit. Unawares that I in actuality was a vunecan, she believed that I was an especially gifted auboriginal. I knew then that my plan had worked!
'Luna was of course particularly self-congratulatory over her success with me and it took me no effort at all to massage that feeling to such an extent that she agreed to bestow a part of her nephalimic powers onto me and to declare me Tiando of the Bright-Moon.
'Touched by Nephalim Luna as I was, the tribes vied for my graces and I decided to to move to the largest island where the largest tribe on the islands was all to happy to adopt me. That tribe became the Bright-Moon Tribe, responsible for keeping the colonial war alive and the auboriginals' eventual emancipation from colonial rule. That last event is also my latest victory over the Nephalim. It took three hundred years to get rid of Nephalim Jupiter's hold over Isla Paradiso and to break his control over the Alto family. And in stride Nephalim Mars, probably known to you as Mr. Nielsen, the man who meddled with the Masters in Isla Paradiso. But we're getting ahead of ourselves once again.'
Chandell paused to make a show out of sneezing and after accepting blessings she spoke up again; 'Finally having nephalimic power was a shock to my system. At first I couldn't talk to a person without outright killing that person. I couldn't pick an item up without it turning to so much dust in my hands. That also happened with food and when I tried to drink water, it would be boiling hot by the time I succeeded to even raise a cup to my lips. But I wasn't immortal anymore and needed to eat and drink. The necessity to feed myself spurred me on to master my new-found powers very quickly. As a former vunecan, feeling the need to exercise haste is not really my thing. What's time to an immortal? Yet, I managed and I quickly gained a firm grasp on my powers. Even if I only had a little nephalimic power, combined with my vunecan powers the mix is extremely potent.
'The day arrived where I was ready to return to Vuneca-Plane and ready to claim my destiny as Nephalim in Nephalim Vuneca's stead.'
Thanatha let go of a sigh that had locked in it all the regret in the universe; 'Everything changed that day.'
'Everything.', Xoxxor agreed in an unstable voice.
'It was glorious!', enthused Chandell, her eyes on fire as she relived the memory. Iofe decided not to chime in with her two cents, seeing as the trio of vunecans gave eachother awkward looks over the fact that their opinions on Chandell's return to Vuneca-Planed didn't exactly align. Iofe realised that the trio had never really discussed that particular obstacle in their past and she came up with a quick question to move past the awkward impasse, 'So, uhm, Chandell.., what happened when you returned to Vuneca-Plane?

Next Time: Power Unforgiving.

(Sorry for only two screenshots. I needed a new world to represent Vuneca-Plane and I need to do a lot of work to make changes to it and to build Nephalim Vuneca's boudoir. That's for the next chapter. Had I combined the two chapters, the wait would've been too long.)


  1. Very good update and I can't wait to find out what happened when Chandell returned?

    1. Well, whatever is going to happen, it can't be good!